There’s a rift growing between our parents’ and grandparents’ beliefs, morals, and concerns and our own.  We are no longer worried about putting food on the table as our parents did and there is no Great Depression for us to fight through.  We don’t have to labor as our parents did and our parents were the hippies that believed in freedom and love over money and war.  We are in a society that has embraced science and finally embraced free choice.  People have access to the collective intelligence of the world through the internet.  Our society has finally realized that sometimes “all natural” and “organic” are the best ways to go.  Quantum Physics has proven that the world is based on “energy” rather than matter.  All of these things have brought us to the brink of a revolution.

As most Neopagans, Wiccans, New Agers, Taoists, Buddhists, etc. etc. have known for years, there is something more than the one god.  In fact, many of us have left monotheistic religions for new religions or more often a new spirituality where we are in charge of our own ideas.  Even many Christians have begun to listen to their pastors and preachers with a grain of salt, listening to their own reason and logic rather than blindly obeying the words of their leader.  This is how this revolution must be carried out.  It must be brought about by changing our culture into a culture of people who think and act on their own.

The reason that no one is listening to us is that we do not live in their world.  Why should the world believe that we are anything but weirdos unless we can show them that we simply believe something different.  We don’t live in the old country of Ireland seeing brownies and fairies on a regular basis.  Our plows and horses are computers and fast cars.  It’s also possible for a diabetic to live past the age of 30 due to the scientific advances so that they can have insulin without worry as well as for us to travel to see our relatives that live across the world.  We also have the internet…and let’s face it, the internet is simply incredible.  We don’t live in the past, and so why not embrace the world and it’s flaws and instead of running from the flaws, work to change them.  Remember, we are on the brink of a revolution.  “The times, they are a changin’.”