Isn’t it strange how common tarot cards have become?  It seems as though everyone I meet has a deck or used to have a deck.  The thing that gets me is that no one ever knows how to read them.  Maybe it’s because I live in Austin and it’s trendy to be into metaphysics, or maybe it’s just that people are lazy about their magickal pursuits.  It seems that most people are more than happy to read a bunch about things but almost never pursue the actual practice. 

I guess I’m guilty of this exact problem though on a less surface level pursuit.  I am not stuck on basics of any sort and I really don’t own anything that I can’t use with complete ease, but I really do have a problem dealing with my energy manipulation problems.  It seems that the hardest thing to do in life is to constantly practice any discipline when no one is there to check up on you.  Maybe that’d be the nice thing in having a teacher to help push me.  I know that if I had a tight knit community that I could “compete” with, I would push myself to far greater levels, but it’s difficult to find a decent group of people that are my age and yet are willing to devote themselves to furthering their magickal pursuits and abilities.