I guess that in order for this blog to ever be complete, it’s important for me to actually define what magick is in my opinion.  There have been many famous definitions and for the most part they all amount to the same thing:  magick is simply influencing things in the world with the Will.  This includes things such as visualizing receiving money for several days and then all of a sudden you get your stimulus check, or to light a pink candle to help you to find love, or even to wish other people unhappiness (for example, break-ups are common causes of subconscious negative magick) and have them be depressed or upset for several days.

I believe that this is a decent enough definition, but that it really doesn’t encompass everything I personally associate with magick.  The commonly stated definition doesn’t ever include any sort of divinatory work, and whether this is magick is definitely debatable.  My theory though, is that they are almost always intertwined.  It is like saying that war is battles and spying is something completely different…but all wars have spying.  If you take out the divinatory aspect, much of shamanism is considered non-magickal, as well as tarot cards and runes (for divinatory purposes).

My new definition requires several definitions of terms for complete understanding.  First of all, I don’t believe that there is a single god or goddess or even a pantheon of them that are all powerful.  I believe that there is a “web” that encompasses all of our “spirits/energies” and that any manipulation/reading of the web is magick.  This includes shamanic journeys (whether they are for informational purposes or for healing/other purposes), all divinatory methods, astral travel, following hints from the natural world (animals, plants, random coincidental events), and even following hunches.  This may seem like a broad range of subjects, but in truth, they are all connected and therefore shouldn’t be separated.