I would suggest reading the first post in this two part series first in order to follow my train of thoughts as well as to not misunderstand what I’m saying.

I had a request as to what kind of work I’ve done with blood and any suggestions I had, so I’d like to attempt to answer this.  For the most part, I do personal sacrifices with blood because I feel as though my own personal energy is one of the few things that you can offer up as a sacrifice and blood seems to be the best medium to physically offer up energy.  Other ways I’ve come up with are to sacrifice something that I’ve spent a lot of time developing a relationship with or that I’ve had to physically put a lot a of effort to create.

Another good reason to use blood is when you are doing something that you aren’t actually tying yourself to, such as doing any type of minor healing.  The thing to remember is that you are connecting yourself with whatever you do.  I believe that this connection is the real power of blood.  It lets the charm/spell/healing draw on your own energy whenever necessary to do the work you want it to do.  In a healing instance, I wouldn’t really want to let this happen because if it’s a serious illness the blood might draw a bit too much energy from yourself.  I hate to sound like a silly kid who reads too many fantasy books, but that just seems like a reasonable expectation when working with a medium that I’ve found to connect you energetically to whatever you use it for.  So I’d limit the use of blood in healing to the less serious stuff.

If there is a reason you really want to bind yourself to something, then this would be the best method I could think of.  Historically it’s been used in the “blood brother” ritual where two people would cut themselves and then bleed into each other’s cuts.  This, of course, is now recognized as a very bad idea now that AIDS is rampant and we understand the whole idea of blood born pathogens.  The idea of it though could be very useful.  I can’t really think of an example right now but I’m sure there could be reasons.  Maybe to do a ritual in which you use blood and wedding rings (mind you, this will bind you but won’t necessarily make you happy) or something of this sort.

The most useful idea I can think of is with protection spells.  I have no problem giving up some energy to protect myself, my family or my possessions, and adding a bit of blood to your protection sachets or on top of the sage you’re burning would be an excellent use.  The previous example of the protection charm for a child is a good idea.  The key on this one is intent though.  I did the protection spell on the necklace for my girlfriend at the time and imagined my energy protecting her and that kept me around so that my energy could continue to protect her.  Because there was a chance we were going to break up, that was a bad idea and I will refuse to give someone a protection charm with blood on it unless they are family or there is a time when they will give it back for me to destroy it/keep it safe. 

Again, I’d like to stress the fact that blood shouldn’t be used in every ceremony/spell/charm you do and it definitely should be used cautiously but I’d suggest that everyone keep it in their possible spellkit.