Not long ago, I was riding along on a road trip around thinking wands and staves and how most of them end up looking so silly and/or ugly because people use glue/clay/leather to attach gemstones and crystals to the wood.  So I started brainstorming some ideas as to how I could do something different.  I really couldn’t think of much for a long time, and then as I passed an orchard I realized a possible answer.

What about if instead of cutting a branch off of the tree and putting the stone on/into the wood, we put the stone into/on the branch while the tree was still young and the tree would integrate the stone into its structure.  I’m not sure exactly how you would do this, but I’ve seen trees grow through holes in walls and encompass a large portion of the wall because the tree grows on either side of the wall but not in the hole.  This creates a very strange looking branch/root, but if designed the right way I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.  It would be a very very long process like making the very highest quality wines, but at the same time I’m sure that the symbiotic relationship between the crystal and the tree would be an incredible advance over the current process.


Another answer would be to cut a piece out of a branch and put the crystal into it while it was still growing.  I’m not sure how much I agree with this process energetically because you’d be injuring the tree while doing this.  Logically and physically it would probably work quite well but the energetic process worries me.  This would still take some time but wouldn’t take nearly as long as the previous way.


I also came up with the idea of integrating the ideas used in wooden weapon creation and jewelry creation.  Just like diamonds are held in place by small pieces of metal that are connected to the ring band, why not soak the top of the staff in water for several days then split the top.  After splitting the top, you should be able to slowly bend the pieces outward enough to place a crystal/gemstone inside the cavity created.  Then, the gemstone would have to be tied down extremely securely and the pieces of staff would have to be allowed to relax so that they could move back to their old places.  This idea could be manipulated to create beautiful staves/wands without all that ridiculous glue and leather that’s currently used on a regular basis.  I’ve never tried this, but I would think that it would work pretty well in theory.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone actually seen this done?


I’d love some feedback on this because I’d love to know if someone already does any of these things or if it’s one of those things that no one would ever buy so no one makes them.