So, after a couple comments on my last post, it was brought to my attention that instead of just talking about a movement, I/We should look into being a movement.  After emailing at great length with Jessica we came up with a possible rough outline of a plan.  It’s not an incredibly radical idea or anything.  No church burnings or burning pentagrams in people’s yards or anything fun like that.  We’re simply talking about doing some active networking.

The end result would be a very simple organization/website that other organizations could join where we would help novices to find them as well as be a networking tool for organizations to find shops/retailers for their events or to find other organizations/covens to hold cooperative events with.  This won’t be like websites and organizations like because we would be a very active group in trying to find current groups and would require certain very basic qualifications to be met for a group to join our network.  Not only this, but it wouldn’t be a simple forum or message board because those never seem to work out and always end up as Christian bashing forums, which I am highly against.

So, here are my thoughts on why there should be some requirements.  First off, if there are no requirements, then we aren’t going to be all that effective due to the fact that no one will know whether a group is legit at all.  Now, I don’t want any kind of ridiculous or limiting requirements because I don’t want to keep any legitimate groups out.  Jessica’s comparison is that if Christianity’s only requirements were the Ten Commandments, would there really be any Christians who would be against them?  Seriously, do not murder is probably a good thing to preach.   So here are a few ideas of requirements:

You must further the improvement of the Pagan image.  This could be anything from opening up and possibly inviting non Pagans to a ritual to simply encouraging members to be active in the public community as well as the Pagan community.  I’m definitely up for some suggestions on this.

The members must be legitimately practicing Pagans.  This could mean a lot of things such as holding ceremonies at least twice a year or having a solid knowledge of commonly known Pagan ideas (wheel of the year, elements, mythologies, etc.).  Again, totally asking for suggestions here.

The organization applying for membership must have a link back to our organization in order to be a member.  This is so that members of the organization can find our organization easily and network with non-group members as well as realize that there is more out there in the Pagan world other than their current coven.

The organization must be interviewed by an member of our organization in order to get a good grasp of the ideas and practices of the group so that we can more effectively lead people to groups when they ask.  I see this as necessary to being an active group rather than just another forum.

Now here are some questions that I’m really hoping everyone can talk about:

How do you think we can get groups to join?

Should we charge some sort of minor membership fee?

How do we pay the people that devote a significant amount of time to it?  Sponsorship by businesses?  Advertisements on the website?  Those membership fees?  Donations (remember that most Pagans are poor)?

So I’m really looking for some comments and ideas from people.  This is just an idea right now and I’m seriously looking for some people to step up and throw some ideas out there.  Remember, there’s a religious revolution coming and I want to be a part of it.  Anyone else that wants to join needs to stop hiding in the shadows and at least show some ideas.