::Compares 17,345,132.32 intro to magic books::

There seems to be a single cohesive idea in every Magick 101 book you’ll ever find, and that’s the power of colors.  It seems that all you have to do in order to fix all of the financial problems in your life is to burn a green candle all night.  I mean, that’s it right?  Every intro book I’ve ever read has pressed this idea that the color of the candle that you burn or the color of the gemstone you have is really all that matters when you’re setting up your spell/ritual.

I don’t want to say that colors aren’t important because they are absolutely important, but they’re not the only part of magick.  I’d say that the color of something determines about 15% of its magickal nature.  A red candle is definitely going to influence your magick towards something more passionate than the purple one, but at the same time it’s still a candle.  It’s still fire energy, so they’re both going to push towards passion and energy and anger as well as shortness of duration and lack of steadfastness.  The red one is just going to be a bit stronger of an influence while the purple will have a little more air and water energy.

Gemstones and crystals are most commonly classified by their color when deciding what type of magickal energy they have.  This seems like a good way to go about it since it’s one of the only noticeable differences between two different crystals (similar to the difference between a red and purple candle), but at the same time an emerald and malachite are both green yet have drastically different effects.  Remember that stones have all sorts of natural physical differences while two candles truly can differ solely on color.  Many things have to be considered when judging a gemstone’s magickal character, and the only true way to decide it is to have an active relationship with the stone.  It is important to keep in mind that every stone has gone on a completely different journey since its creation.

Truthfully, there’s much more to talk about with the problems dealing with characterizing the world based on color, but I simply do not have the time today to go incredibly in depth about it.  There will be another day that I can delve more deeply into the subject.