So, I’ve been having trouble here lately getting the time to sit down and write any new blogs and have come to the realization that posting every day simply isn’t practical (mainly because nobody’s paying me and I’d be spending between 10 and 15 hours a week writing).  So I’m going to cut it down to around three blogs a week and make sure that they’re not just thrown together like several of the past couple ones have been.  So…onto the update:

Well, after reading what everyone has had to say I’ve done a bit of research and thinking.  I figured that if I wanted to start a networking organization, I really needed to look into other networking organizations and see if there’s one that’s already doing what I want to do.  So that’s what I did, and here’s a recap on quite a few of them:

The Pagan Federation (  This is probably the best known Pagan networking group and is over 35 years old.  In my opinion, this would mean that they should being doing a significant amount of work for the Pagan community since the majority of modern Pagan beliefs started around 60 years ago.  But they really haven’t.  They’ve got around 4,000 members worldwide which is a lot of people but that’s like three to five members per major city.  That’s a bit low in my opinion.  They charge $50 a year for solitary members which is also very high for such a low number of people.  No wonder they haven’t really pulled in a lot of members.  Seems like the key to this whole thing is the sheer number of members.  They also haven’t really done much in terms of politics or public education.  This is also an important facet of my dream organization.  They also don’t have any major events that I know of.

The Pagan Alliance (  This organization seems to be a very decent organization and has a festival every year.  It’s basically a networking and educational organization and has an active event page with events around the country.  The problem is that it is still in its infancy…7 years after it started.  The leaders of the group are all part-time leaders and this is probably contributing seriously to the fact that the group hasn’t done any great work yet.  Though, it is still a very good model of what I’d be looking to do.

Pagan Alliance Network (  This is a group that wants to have independent groups in a lot of communities rather than have a single tree style structure with a base group.  The organization’s goals are mainly in networking and community involvement.  I really can’t see this as a functional group because of its small scale goals like a meet and greet in their home town.

The Pagan Activist (  This is/was originally a newsletter site and has evolved into a very decent website.  It is updated very regularly and has very good article sections.  They have the best Pagan dictionary I’ve ever seen (I may have to ask for permission to use it…).  They have a forum which isn’t all that active, but they do have several posts a day.  They’re not all that old and seem to have their i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  Their newest project is called the Vital Rites Project and it’s all about being a networking tool for people who perform Rites of Passage such as coming of age ceremonies and handfastings.  There aren’t all that many current participants but they’ve been doing this for less than a year and if nothing else, it’s a very revolutionary idea and I like it a lot.  Actually, you should go check this website out because it’s just a nifty website and very useful.

So all in all, I’m pretty disappointed in the groups I’ve read about mainly because they have done almost nothing for the Pagan community.  They are also far too small to do any real networking.  The key I think is in advertising and I’ve got quite a few ideas on that which I think are pretty revolutionary.  I don’t really want to talk about it too much though because I haven’t thought everything through yet.

So the other update I’d like to make is the fact that I’m going to slow some of the Movement energy down a bit and turn this blog back into a more of a discussion on magickal practices and the Pagan community in general because this whole networking idea is going to take a lot of work that I won’t be able to report about every two days.  So, be patient with me on this and I’ll keep updating every couple weeks.  Not only that, but I’d really like to keep this up because my motto is “One man trying to change the world by changing himself“, and I need the discussion to change myself.  Also…for all of those readers who are just lurking the shadows, it’s really helpful if I can get a few more comments to spur discussion because that’s where new ideas come from.  Well, have a great day everyone.