So in most of my previous blogs I’ve written about things that I feel very comfortable with.  I expounded on books, society’s problems, possible tool ideas, etc. because I could see them and explain them with ease.  There was no guess work, no conjecture, and absolutely no faith necessary to explain them.  Well, let’s get off Easy Street and talk about the number one most important part of Magick:  Energy Work.

Energy work is anything that involves manipulating the natural energy that composes all of life.  It’s the pushing and pulling of energy that is how we manipulate spells.  We also naturally manipulate it when we have strong emotions, like when we are scared, we will naturally pull our energy in close to us so that we feel more secure and less vulnerable.  The trick is to be able to manipulate our energy without effort and in accordance with our consciousness.

I’m assuming that most of the readers are familiar with energy at least on a very basic level so I’m going to skip ahead a bit.  So, how do you practice energy work?  The best and most basic technique is simple energy meditations.  These can range from something as complicated to sitting in the middle of a cast circle after calling on your pantheon of gods and feeling the energies of these beings to something as simple as laying in bed before you go to sleep and relaxing your body enough to feel the energy flow through you.  The latter is my personal preference simply for convenience’s sake.

The basic idea is that you simply want to feel the energy flow through you and then you want to make it (originally through visualization) go where you need it to go and transform in ways you need it to transform.  Doing these things daily will allow you to be as aware of your energy and its effects at the same time that you’re walking down a busy street.  This is when people can actually start to use magick in their everyday life instead of needing to have a dark room with candles burning and no one talking.  Even if you think that it’s not all that important to be able to use magick in your everyday life, it’s still practicing magickal fundamentals all day long and that’s absolutely important.

So, this is where I’m at in my studies and practices with energy.  I’m looking for better ways to play with it and more efficient ways to strengthen my control of it, and I’m looking to you guys for some suggestions.  I know that I should play with astral work alongside it and that’s also in the works, but let’s stay on energy work.  I currently do energy work whenever I am going to meet someone new or when I’m having trouble concentrating.  I try to do as much as possible because I believe it’s the most useful practice we can have in trying to become more powerful magickal beings.  Even still, there are many of you out there that are older than I am and have been playing this game for quite some time, and I’m looking to you for guidance on new practices.