So not long ago I had been having some energetic issues dealing with an old ex-friend and had been seeing things that weren’t there as well as simply having a creepy feeling on a regular basis. There had been quite a few cases of bad luck recently and I decided I needed to do a bit of cleansing as well as some defensive magick to protect the household. I’m sure that most of this is old hat for most of you, but there are a few people who read this regularly who might get something out of my train of thought.

I went through the possible ideas of possible cleansing rituals and decided that more than likely he wasn’t really energetically in the house but rather was energetically attached to me. So I decided that a nice warm saltwater bath would be a perfect answer to this (okay…I’d also just gotten back from working out and was a bit sore…). Salt is almost always a good answer for cleansing (just remember not to use it on metal things because this makes them rust) and the bath is a very symbolic way of cleansing.

That part was easy mainly because the answer pretty much presented itself to me since I was dying for a nice soak in the tub. The harder part was the defensive magick part. I’ve always been against doing simply energy work because I need a bit of props or else I don’t totally believe I’ve done much (which doubt is the number one reason for failure in magickal processes). I also am against doing too much negative magick against the person because in most cases they’re not really purposely doing it, though in this case I’m not sure this was true. So what I decided was that I’d simply do some major juju for protection of the house because that was where most of the problems were happening since I live alone.

The first step was to do basic protection for the house. I am a firm believer in the idea that physical openings are also the energetic openings. So after doing some research, I created some sachets to place around the house doors and windows. I do a lot of gemstone work, so I placed some crushed gemstones which resonated correctly for protection (iron, garnet, ruby) and energetic power (malachite, quartz) along with some soothing lavendar essential oil in small pieces of fabric and tied them up. Then I placed them near each of the openings to the house.

Then I poured a bit of salt in a line in front of the door and said a bit of a blessing.

Then I took a picture of myself and placed it behind a mirror. Then I did a bit of a spell (the wording of, I have no idea) and buried the mirror near the front door.

After all of that, I sat down and got into a meditative state. I built up energy around the house and connected the energy to each of the sachets and salt (not the mirror, that’s outside of the energy) in a web style. Then I allowed the pieces of the web to grow until the touched each other. This ended up being a large sphere around the house. I then specified that the energy was to keep out any energy or beings that was anything but beneficial.

After all of that, I left the sachets out for around a month and after that I picked them back up. I haven’t had a bit of trouble since I did that bit of protection (though I should probably do a refresher protection spell).

I hope that this can be of use to someone. If anyone has any questions or suggestions on other techniques, I’d be glad to hear them.