I’ve been a bit upset with how many people are so against the whole idea of this Movement idea that has sprung up from several blogs. I really couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t want an organization who could tell if there were fellow Pagans in their area to talk to or learn from or to teach. It would make creating covens simpler, joining covens simpler, learning the basics simpler, would keep people from simply going crazy keeping everything to themselves, and would allow a bit of unity so that their children could go to school and not get beat up for wearing a Pentagram. It really just didn’t make any sense…then I got a myspace message saying that the blog about leaders sounded like I was trying to reestablish a Pagan Pope or something.

Well, I want to clarify on this. I absolutely do not want a President of the Pagan People, no ambassador to the American President, and definitely not a Pagan Pope. I’m not looking for these four guys in funny hats to be leading the Pagan people. I just want an organization (some examples could be the World Wildlife Fund, NAACP, the NRA, or even the NBA) that could help its members to deal with some of their current issues (networking, discrimination, religious tolerance, information reliability). I am absolutely not trying to establish a system that will try to take over the world. I’m not trying to get rich off of this, and I’m not trying to push my beliefs on anyone else. I simply am tired of no one helping me with my issues, so I want to be an activisit in the Pagan community. I think that there may need to be a little bit of consistency that I’m sure 99% of the community can agree would be good for us. Let’s try to keep the sacrificing of children to a minimum (maybe only on Halloween…seriously, we can’t let the muggles down can we?), maybe try to be productive members of society (maybe let’s keep the kiddy porn advocates out of the group…), and hey how about you have to actually believe in what we believe (anything else is like letting the racist get the NAACP scholarship). Does anyone else really have a problem with any of this? If so, I’d really love to hear it, but I can’t think of any real flaws in it.