So after I wrote the last blog about there being a lack of research in the Pagan communities, I realized something that’s key to research in anything:  financial compensation for your time.  Currently, an enormous amount of research is done through Universities where the employees are paid to find new stuff out as well as teach the basics of what they know.  So they fulfill two very lacking things in the Pagan communities:  the progression of total knowledge base as well as passing down the current knowledge base.  Even if someone has suddenly found the super “spell” that allows you to fly and throw fireballs, he wouldn’t be able to show enough people to further to knowledge base of the general Pagan community if it took any time at all to learn how to do it.

So I did some research into whether or not there were any “Magick Schools/Universities”, and whether or not there was any possibility of a school that was legit enough to be productive.  I found that there are no legit brick and mortar magick schools, and very few semi-legit online magick schools.  For the most part, all of these seem to simply follow an experiential book format where they have basic assignments that the students post results for.  These probably do everything that the students want from them, but I want something much more, and I’m sure that there are many other students of magick that agree with me.  I would pay a significant amount of money for a magick school that would teach a core curriculum that went through all of the basic parts of magick from basic energy work to chakras to energy healing to astral travel.  I would want someone who was proficient in teaching as well as doing these things, and I’d want it to be far closer to a true college experience.

Whether or not the teaching is ever accomplished, I’d say that the most important part of the school would have to be the research (much like current colleges).  The professors would have to continuously make progress in the search for more powerful and effective magick.  I know that the problem with all of this is that the professors would have to make a very decent paycheck because their job would be hard.  Not only would it be a tough experience due to political and social pressures, it would also be hard because they would have to be the most experienced as well as the most able magicians and scholars (which would mean they’d have to have done almost all of their previous studies for free).

I don’t really have an answer to this, but the advancement of our collective magickal knowledge depends largely on being able to educate the younger generations as well as paying people to mainly work towards the advancement of that knowledge.