Okay, so it’s been a while since we last talked about the Movement, and I figured I’d get a bit of brainstorming going on.  So here’s how this post is going to work.  I’m going to put my very loose plan out and then ask a lot of questions that I’d like some feedback on….on second thought, I’d really like some feedback on anything, but I’m making it easy by putting questions up.  So, even if you’ve never posted a comment before, or haven’t ever been a part of an organization, or don’t even think your ideas are good, please post a comment.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and if I could do all of the creative brainstorming myself, I wouldn’t be asking everyone for their opinions.  So if you’re even semi-interested, please say something.

So, as I see it, the goal of this organization would be four-fold:  networking, educating the masses that we don’t sacrifice children, cooperative research, and giving the members information to study/read/incorporate at their leisure and pleasure.  The first and most important part would be the networking because then there would be a large number of people to help with the others.  The other three would occur kind of simultaneously.

My very loose plan would consist of

  1. Someone making a website that would allow us to communicate information as well as begin basic networking.
  2. Someone inviting a ridiculous number of groups/solitaries via really annoying spam/myspace (that’s how everyone found out about this blog originally…) and hoping we get some of them to join up.  At this point, everything is obviously free no matter what the end result is.
  3. After getting a bit larger group of people together, we hold another much more legitimate meeting to decide how exactly we want to do things.
  4. Begin creating and posting a much more impressive amount of research/material than is currently posted anywhere else.  This means that instead of having a basic wiki page about Chaos Magick, we have a small course in Chaos Magick.  Instead of having a page on symbolism, we have a massive, constantly updated list of symbols/gods/goddesses/plants/gemstones/etc. for people to peruse.  This of course would be a huge draw to our website and would make a lot more people join it.  This would give us more website hits and that would give us more members.  Good system, in my opinion.
  5. We start picking out people that seem to have leadership skills as well wanting to be a part of something, and also who have a good knowledge of current magick.  These people could be current coven leaders, current dedicated solitaries, or just that guy who got obsessed three years ago and can’t stop thinking about magick. 
  6. These leaders start doing research and find people that they would like to research with on new topics.  After the last comment on Chaos magick, this just seemed like the right way to go about doing research in the magickal community.
  7. After there are a significant number of people (1,000-2,000 minimum), we can start pushing groups to start furthering our cause by advertising in the papers across the nation for public rituals, asking group members (nicely and without requiring it of them) to get together and do some community service, or something along these lines.  I’m just talking about doing some things that will get the word Pagan out there in a very good light.
  8. After this, who knows?  Start schools?  Get political?  Watch cartoons?  I figure there’s a bit of time to figure this part out later…

So I’ve got some questions that I’m having trouble coming up with legitimate answers for.

  • How will our networking be different than witchvox?
  • What are some ways to advertise to groups and solitaries (let’s try to keep it large scale internet stuff cause I really don’t want to have to drive 2000 miles to advertise to the guys in Canada).  I’ve come up with myspace, randomly emailing groups (though that would be a tremendously tedious task and would need a large group of people doing it), and possibly facebook.  So anything else would be awesome.
  • How exactly will the website be setup?  Should it be a forum (not my favorite idea), a system where you enter in your request and the computer spits out your newest best friend, myspace style where you can browse through people, maybe match.com style where you answer a bunch of questions and it gives you people that are similar?  I don’t really know what other ways there are, but I’m sure we could come up with some goods ones.
  • Again, this is going to be a serious endeavor and some of the people need paychecks.  We’re definitely not all independently wealthy, so 20 hours a week is a whole lot of time to put into something that doesn’t pay you anything (even if it is furthering an entire culture that’s been ostracized).  Also, remember that websites aren’t free either.  Somebody’s gotta pay for the bandwidth, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be the guy who’s working 20 hours a week so you can meet a really sweet Pagan girl or a super cool coven that fits you perfectly.  Where are we going to get that kind of money?  Newsletters?  Advertising on the website?  Selling crack?
  • What do we do about businesses?  I’m sure that every Pagan business in the world will want to be on our site, but do we charge them membership dues?  Do we let anybody advertise on there or do we rate them, better business bureau style?  I’m not too big of a fan of our organization becoming a yellow pages for Pagans, but then again, I’m not really a big fan of us being a political party that people have to bribe to get good ratings either.  I just don’t know where to draw the line.
  • Should we rate other things?  Books?  Magazines?  Products?

Well, I guess that pretty much covers it.  If you can come up with any other questions, throw them out as well because like I said, I’m not gonna do this alone.  If it’s just me being delusional, I can always go read LotR or Harry Potter again.  Well, let me know what you think.