I’m having some trouble here lately coming up with a reason for the secrecy of magick.  I know…I know…magick’s supposed to be kept in secret so that people who aren’t worthy of the power won’t get it…  The only question I have is, “Do you know anyone who, after spending 10 years on a magickal path has less of a right to this supposed ‘power’ than you do?”  I know that I’ve spent a lot of work getting to where I am, and I don’t think any government officials are worried about what I’m doing.  I agree that we don’t want a bunch of crazies doing serious curse work, but then again, if they’re smart enough to get to that point then they’re probably going to get the information regardless.  I guess that if we kept it in covens or groups where someone could weed out the crazies then it would work out, but how many of you have stayed in a single coven for your entire magickal career?

What I’m asking is for a true reason for the secrecy.  I personally think that there are a lot of good reasons why it was hidden (persecution, wanting all of the power to themselves, solitaries wishing to learn rather than teach), but why do people want it hidden now?  The secret’s out kids, Wicca is a recognized religion.  People are very aware that there are people walking around calling themselves witches and magicians (though most of them think we should be taking crazy pills).  Very few, if any, Pagans want the books to stop being published or for Barnes and Nobles to stop selling Tarot decks or for those rare Metaphysical stores to all be shut down.  So why are so many people up in arms against anything that resembles being public about our beliefs?

So after all of that, I would like to know if there is really any valid reason why people should keep their practices secret.  I feel like I may be missing something because everything I’ve ever thought about magick is always steeped in secrecy, but I just can’t logically come up with a reason.  I know that individual rituals or ceremonies shouldn’t be talked about due to the leaking of power, but should the basic ideas behind rituals be made public?  If there is an organization that is pushing for Pagan equality, they’re going to have to explain what exactly it is that we believe and how it works.  So do we downplay things or do we be straight-up with them and explain what we do?  Or do we just tell them to read a Silver Ravenwolf book (which I’m absolutely not saying in a sarcastic manner, it’s just that she writes in a very easy to understand language for people with no background)?