Welcome back to Magick for the Real World!

It has been a long time since I wrote a regular blog here, and I’m hoping that I can again entertain and inform a few people with my thoughts and ramblings. I’ve experimented with a lot of other media in the past year and a half, and have again returned to my writing’s origin here at wordpress.com

The blades and bowls lay in the dying light, rusting not the from the air around them, but from the lack of care and use of their spiritual owner. The stones no longer glow with life and energy; they have taken on the look of the dead earth of winter. They long for their master and friend. How has this happened?

It is a common occurrence for everyday life to come between a magician and his magickal practice. Children are born, family emergencies happen, and jobs get hectic. The magician usually is slowly called back to the craft whether internally or by external stimulation, but sometimes this return can take months and even years. It is only in the recent past that I was called back to my magickal practices and when I looked at my stones, blades, and other tools I found them to be foreign, almost as though they were not mine. I felt as though I had never had the soul-bond that I had felt for so long. I had no idea that this bond could ever be weakened or broken. These were the tools that helped me to attain my spiritual identity and power. I looked at them as friends and have now found that they were much more than that; they were as much a part of me as my arms and legs.

I am not sure exactly what the importance of this is, but I know that there is a revelation to be had from this experience. Obviously, it is important to maintain your personal connection with spiritual tools for them to be effective in any of your pursuits, much like a soldier must carefully oil and clean his weapon daily. I had never realized how much of a spiritual process this could be. The soldier is bound to his weapon for survival, and the magician is bound to his weapons of the spiritual plane for his power and survival as a spiritual warrior.

For many years, I had always believed that the magick was solely in the magician and that the tools allowed the magician to enter into another state more easily. I have had to reconsider these beliefs after experiencing the intense sadness when I realized I had forsaken these pieces of my soul. Though it is hard to believe, it was as intense a sadness as the loss of a loved one. This should not be the case if they are merely tools for my metaphysical advancement.

So where does this actually place the tools and weapons of the magician? Does the soldier weep for a destroyed weapon? Does the carpenter mourn the loss of a good saw or hammer? The soldier depends on his gun and knife for survival, but I doubt that he would weep if it were replaced. The carpenter depends on his tools for his craft, but he will easily replace one if it begins to grow ineffective, and rarely cares for them as the magician cares for his tools.

It seems more and more apparent that the wand and chalice are more than simple tools for a purpose. The energy that passes through them brings about a change in them. They become alive with the constant life-force passing through them. The magician’s place in the web of life becomes intertwined with these seemingly life-less objects, possibly giving them a life of their own. Or possibly, the alchemical idea that when a spirit is evolving, all of the world around him/her evolves as well. It could also be possible that all things have a life to them, and that through the energetic workings of the magician that the item awakens. Whatever the case, it seems that the tools become alive in the process of the magician’s practices.

So what exactly does this mean? The tools are alive, but how does that affect the magician? That’s the real discussion question. It could mean all sorts of things. Can the tools guide the magician? Can the athame show the magician how more effectively create a magickal circle? Would the magician even know that this was happening, or would it seem to be an intuitive leap by the magician? How many times has this happened to any given magician? Can the tools become angry? Can they purposely refuse to work? Can they do their own magick to protect or hurt?