It is not in simplicity and peace that we should look for life; it is in those that are anguished, tormented, and constantly struggle that we should look for life. It is only in the tortured that we find beauty. The greatest artists are full of pain, the strongest warrior has battled his whole life simply for survival, it is in the cactus that daily struggles for its very existence amidst the sweltering heat that constantly strives to destroy it. It is in this constant battle that strength and quality comes forth. Life springs forth easily in peace, but peace only comes after the fires have been quenched, after the battles have ended and the warriors of yesterday stand watch for tomorrow’s struggle.

Life may be overflowing the cup of peace, but it is the one piece of life that survived where others failed that holds this cup of peace. So why do we look to those that have survived peace? Why do we look to the warriors of nothing for knowledge? It is not the sages that I seek. It is the cactus that daily survives torment that I look to for life. Look to the coral reef that daily survives the barrage of waves in order to give peaceful homes to 75% of the life in the sea.

Yes, you may take refuge with those that seek peace. I do not, and never will. Life is about struggle, constant battles, and constant wars, both inside and outside the self; and I welcome them. It is only those that have been hardened by the flame of torment that can hope to quench the fires of the world.