Throughout my nine years of studying and practicing magick, I’ve found that the most common tool recommended is salt, and I trusted this information because it was generally agreed upon by the magickal community.  I believed this until it was tested, and it failed.  I guess that’s the way all things work.

So I did some research and I did some testing, and most of all, I did some thinking.  Salt is normally used as the physical representation of the circle, it is used in cleansing solutions for tools, it’s used to protect against anything that goes bump in the night, but why is it used for all of these things?

Well, think about it.  Salt is a natural dessicating agent (it sucks up the water), and it’s one of the strongest dessicants you have available to you.  It’s why slugs die when they get salt on them, it’s why salt is used to preserve things, and it’s why salt kills all the bacteria around it.  It is sucking up the water.  On the other hand, it also sucks up oil or iron or pretty much anything else.  It is a natural oxidizer as well, which means that it makes things rust or corrode.

The final scientific reason for its use in magick is because of its unique ability to transmit electricity.  It is one of the strongest conductors known to man, and that is one of the main uses that the body has for various salts.

So, we put all of these together and what do we have?  A substance that transmits energy easily, absorbs all types of energy from the environment, and can break down most metals (brings it to a more natural state).  How does this affect the magick that we do?

Well, salt would be a great way to clean a new tool or cleanse someone after they’ve been covered in bad energy from a bad day at work or a bad experience, which is why salt baths are so recommended.  It would also be a great way to ground yourself because it pulls energy from its surroundings, even good energy.  It also would work very well as a battery of sorts because it pulls energy, but it is not all that difficult to pull the energy back out.  Just beware not to ever be negative around your salt battery because it will soak up that negative energy.

On the other hand, it is horrible for a physical representation of the witch’s circle due to it’s natural affinity for loose energy.  It will pull the energy from the circle and hold it.  Unless you make sure to draw all of the energy out of the salt before your release, you will lose energy to the salt and will gain almost nothing from using it.

It’s also a horrible way to protect your house or self from negative entities.  Unless the entities are simple parasites, they won’t be harmed in the least by the salt.  Whatever you use, whether it’s lilac or iron nails, it must be something that makes the area extremely uncomfortable for that particular entity which means that there’s no end-all be-all for entity protection, and from my experience, salt is probably the least effective measure you could try.  Think about it like this, vampires supposedly don’t like garlic, but werewolves have no problem eating a man covered in garlic.  So garlic might be effective against a vampire problem but wouldn’t have any effect on the werewolf.  It’s exactly the same thing when dealing with unknown entities.  If you wanted to keep parasites out, salt would be great, but if you wanted to keep one of the fey out, you’d need some iron.  Do some research and don’t assume that a salt circle will work.  If you’ve got specific information on something and don’t know what to do, put a comment down and I’ll try to help as best I can.

And finally, please don’t keep salt near your altar unless you are using it as a battery and have a way to open it and close it from influencing any of your other workings because it will absolutely make your workings less effective.