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October 2012

Samhain Is Not On October 31st

Alright, so Samhain is not October 31st.  It’s not Halloween.  It’s not All Hallow’s Eve.  It’s not the day before November starts.  It IS a cross-quarter day meaning it is the day exactly between the Fall Equinox (September 22nd in 2012) and the Winter Solstice (December 21st in 2012).  That means that Samhain in 2012 will be on the night of November 5th, 2012 by my back of the envelope calculations.

Now, why is this important?  Well, why do you celebrate Samhain?  I don’t think it’s because it’s someone’s birthday (e.g. the fake reason for Christmas), it’s not remembering an event (e.g. fake Easter), and it’s definitely not in memory of a person (e.g. MLK day).  It’s because it’s supposed to be the day of the year that the veil is thinnest.  Why in the world would you celebrate that on the wrong day?  It’s not going to be the same date every year for the same reason the solstices aren’t the same date every year.  Sigh.

Now, the only other day that I could consider being a good day to celebrate it is on the dark moon nearest the cross-quarter date because the dark moon helps to get through the veil to the other side, so it’s probably a pretty thin line as well.



Doorways, Closets, Windows and Shadows–Entrances to Our Side?

When you read about protecting your home or a room for daily use, everyone suggests to protect the doorways and windows.  All of the openings need protecting, right?  Oh, so the creepy ghost that is there sometimes and isn’t at other times definitely needs to use that door, doesn’t it?  The big scary demon that might make you go crazy has been sneaking in through your window at night hasn’t he?  Wait…when he came in the other night to scare me, the window was locked tight and it was locked when I woke up.  Hold up.  [Lightbulb]  So maybe that creepy crawly doesn’t need to use the doors or windows…  But then why do I worry about them at all?  That’s it, I’m just going to hole up in my bed and pull the blankets over my head.

So why exactly do we protect the windows and doors if the things that go bump in the night don’t use them?  Well…they do use them, just not the same way we do.  There’s got to be a crossover from their realm to ours, and if the old Hermetic idea of “As Above, So Below” is true, then those doors are actually a great transition area.  The same goes with water/air transitions (aka bathtime), mirrors, light/dark transitions (shadows), and inside/outside transitions (windows and doors).  Transitions are required for anything form the other worlds to get through which is why these areas are inherently scary to children and adults alike.  Think about it.  When children are scared, what are they scared of?  Under the bed (constant shadow), closet (constant shadow and doorway), baths, attics, basements, and mirrors.  When creepy stuff comes out in movies, where does it come from?  Those same transition areas of course.  It’s ingrained in our subconscious that those areas are dangerous areas for us, and it’s not just because we can’t see clearly.

So what should we do about these areas?  Well…you’ve got two options:  get rid of them or protect them from unwanted entities.  If you can get rid of the transitions, do it.  Take down that mirror in your bedroom, minimize constant shadows by rearranging furniture, leave the light on in your closet, clean up that attic and basement.  Obviously you can’t have a house with no doors or windows.  That’s just crazy.  But protect them.  Both sides of them.  Just because you hang your big mojo defensive amulet on your bedroom side of the closet door doesn’t mean the creepy thing watching you while you sleep can’t get through the other side of the door into your closet.  So you’ve got a mirror in your bathroom and you’d really like to check your hair in the morning (I know…vanity’s a bitch sometimes), so go ahead and do a ritual to protect the mirror.  Here’s a big one that a lot of people don’t think about:  bath time.  This one’s kind of tough because it’s a new transition every time you run one.  You could use some anti-bad-stuff-herbs and incenses while you bathe, but let’s face it, the hot guy at work’s not really digging your constant frankincense smell.  So on this one, I’d energize a big monster batch of salt (or epsom salt for those achy bones) with various oils and energy work to make it a purification and anti-bad-stuff salt.  Throw some of that in the tub with you and you should be set (make sure you protect that shower curtain as well since it’s a transition as well).

Obviously there’s a lot of things I haven’t covered since houses and life have a ridiculous number of transitional areas, but these are the major culprits.  If you’re aware of them, then you should be able to deal with them better than before if you ever have problems.  I personally wouldn’t worry too much until there’s an issue.  Remember that if you’ve never dealt with anything creepy and you stay away from that big book o’ demon summoning you’re probably golden and you won’t have to worry too much about looking like a crazy by having weird bags and crazy stuff hanging all over the house.  I mainly am putting this stuff out there for those of you who naturally have to deal with the stuff scares the crap out of normal people.

Questions About Magick

“I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.”   ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

Well hello again!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve been back to these old stomping grounds, but it seems that I can’t ever quite get away.  I guess that’s a good thing though.  So today I’m not here to answer questions or give you advice from Ye Olde Booke O Answers.  I’m just here to ask a few uncomfortable questions that have been bothering me.  This isn’t me doubting myself or needing reassurance.  It’s more of a set of questions for you to answer for yourself to see if you’re on the right path.

Why do you do magick?

Are you doing magick because it’s cool?  Are you doing magick because you’re searching for truth?  Are you just dabbling enough to cast a spell to help you get something you want?  I guess that there are more reasons than I could list, but before you leave the computer today, ask yourself that simple question and be dumbfounded by the answer (if you can get it) because it’s something that I asked myself for years before I figured it out myself (thanks Jen for helping with that!)

How has magick helped your life?

It hasn’t helped mine.  I didn’t strike it rich.  I didn’t get the girl because of it.  I certainly didn’t get the job that I wanted because of a spell I did.  I can’t/won’t help the sick and dying unless the issue isn’t right to begin with.  On the other hand, I end up staying up until 4 am when I have work at 6 am to deal with those things that go bump in the night (they’re really good at deciding to hang out at rather inconvenient times).  I’ve been sick to my stomach in fear and worry about my wife when I have to work nights on a regular basis.  How has magick helped my life?  It hasn’t.  And it more than likely won’t.  So tell me:  how has magick helped yours?

Do you enjoy magick?

That’d be a negative Ghost Rider.  Do you copy Ghost Rider?  That’s a negative on the enjoyment of magick.  I started out trying to get physical power through a medium that perfectly fitted me.  I wanted to control my dreams.  I wanted to understand the meaning of life.  I wanted to get what I wanted in life.  Has that happened?  Yes and no.  I have a good life and it’s perfect for where I should be in life.  I’m learning the lessons I’m meant to learn.  On the other hand, money doesn’t fall from the sky.  We have been so poor that I missed meals on a regular basis and when I had them it was corn tortillas and beans (with cheese when we were splurging).  I’ve had to work my ass off for everything that I’ve gotten and I’ve been so tired that I wanted to cry.  Did I do magick?  Yep.  Did it work?  That’s another negative Ghost Rider.  Why not?  Well because I had to learn the lessons before I could move on just like anybody else.  Well if magick isn’t helping me and I don’t enjoy it, then why do I do it?  Well that’s simple.  If I don’t do it, then I die a little on the inside.  And then I die a little more.  And then some more.  Eventually, I’d end up being the person that I work next to.  The one that lives vicariously through the Us Weekly articles about celebrities going to jail and having affairs.  I’d worry about things like whether my high school football team is on a winning streak or how the Cowboys are doing.  As it is, I worry about how to deal with choices that I’ve made and how to better prepare my family for whatever may come.  I worry about moving from this stage to the next in my life.  No, I do not enjoy magick but it gives my life meaning where I find very little in other people’s lives.  I am absolutely certain when I’m doing things right and when I’m doing things wrong.  I can feel it in my bones and smell it in the air.  So ask yourself whether you actually enjoy it.  And if you don’t, then why do you continue?

So after thinking about these questions, doubt yourself a little bit.  I know, I know–that’s not what you wanted to hear from my first post on here in over a year.  No one wants to doubt themselves and they definitely don’t want to hear it from someone who says that they don’t enjoy such a major part of their life.  What I’m saying is that you need to take those rose colored glasses off and put them in the dumpster.  Life’s hard and that’s good.  Magick doesn’t make it any better.  In fact it makes it harder.  I’ve posted about Paganism being the easy religion and it is these days.  On the other hand, magick’s not.  We’re here to learn, grow, and gain experiences.  Magick does make those easier, and it does it by forcing you to do those things often before you’re willing.  So toss the glasses, pull on your big boy underwear, and get ready to go kick some ass.

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