Hello everyone!  I’ve been doing a bit of research into the runes and decided that it might be useful for many people just beginning on this path to have a simple cheat sheet.  I took the material from Diana Paxson’s “Taking Up the Runes” and condensed it into keywords.  If you have questions, comments or additions, please put them in the comments and I’ll add or take away from the list as needed.  I hope it’s helpful!


Sound Norse Rune Norse Meaning
f fehu wealth (cattle), wealth causing problems, hoarding vs freely giving, productivity
u uruz Auroch, movement of energy, changing of energy into something, consuming of energy
th thurisaz thor, pure action, raw strength, applied power
a ansuz Communication, Odin, rune of the word–song, poetry and incantation, the mouth
r raidho riding, road, horses, movement, joy and labor within the movement process
c/k kenaz torch, burning, logic, knowledge, light
g gebo gift, exchange
w wunjo joy, luck, innocence from pain and woe
h hagalaz hail, fated change, stop moving and start simply being, go with the flow
n naudhiz need, fated troubles, forced learning and growing
i isa ice, temporary stability, difficulty, stagnancy, void space, antimatter
yuh jera year, summer, continuation, the wheel of the year, harvest
ei eihwaz yew tree, opposites (tree of eternal life and death), flexibility within opposites, world tree, transition point between this realm and the others
p perthro chance, games, perthro is rarely used as p and b were interchangeable, cup holding runes or game pieces
zh elhaz moose, protection, sword, holy edge, eelgrass
s sowilo sun, extremely similar to the sun in the tarot, destroys stagnancy, guides, the will, victory, movement, illumination
th tiwaz Tyr, victory, guidance, justice, spear, courage, civilized masculinity, courage, self-discipline
b berkano birch tree, spark of life/fire, birth, womb, feminine fire
eh ehwaz horse, freyr, partnership, cooperation, transcendence of the soul, unification of body and spirit
m mannaz man, rational mind, logic, hope, the human condition
l laguz lake, water in general, the sea, opposition to one’s passage and yet still a passage
ng ingwaz Ing, Yngvi, male counterpart to Berkano, genetic inheritance, possibly destiny, meditation, calming passage, soothing masculinity, completion, transition periods that are calm and soothing
d dagaz day, youth, illumination, the aha! moment, sunshine
o othala ancestral property, mystical heritage, karma, that which is rightly yours, mystical heritage (i.e. fae heritage, dwarven heritage, etc), family, clan, group