Purpose: Divination

Tools: After a divination, runes, staff present but not actively engaged.

Date and Time: Approximately 9/18/11

Summary of the experience: It was a rough day busy with fire department, coaching soccer etc. Two of my large dogs Golden Retriever -GR and German Shepherd (and familar at the time)- GS, had been snippy with each other with the GS now looking to dominate her longtime buddy. It was a nasty fight with the GR on the worst end of the stick. I love my GS but she’d been getting increasingly aggressive with other dogs and with smaller dogs and children around I knew I couldn’t wait for something bad.

After a brief (and emotional) ritual chant I consulted the runes and taking an oath to both dragon and gods that i would bide their will.  Jera–change, was drawn and although it pained me to no end I knew GS would have to find a new forever home. Distraught but determined to abide my oath I went to bed.

As I was trying to meditate my way into some semblance of calm, I was suddenly afraid. VERRY $%$#ing afraid. I was terrified but having my staff (we are linked blood and runes) near made me think I might be able to make a stand at whatever it was. But i was goo goo scared.

My dragon (guardian and friend) pushed me? I want to say out of my head (things went wonky, black and i felt like falling and being covered) The last thing i heard was a roar of NO its MINE!
Not to long later, my hand reaching towards the staff i opened my eyes, checked my vitals and grabbed my onyx orb for all i was worth. A much weakened friend returned, in dimmed silver light and said it’s gone.
In general we supposed in my rather upset state I’d pulled in a lot of energy and something had decided to piggy back its way to this plane.

I could mention the insane migrane for two days later, and the washed out/run over feeling. But a close friend friends daughter was performing her first ritual sabat and they’s asked me to hold east quarter. Later told her about the experience and she mentioned Boggarts as a possiblilty and did i need my house exorcised. No, I said its gone alright but she also agreed to find me more help with protection spells.

I don’t usually draw up a circle or anything when divining runes or tarot (although runes seem to be easier to read for me and have quite the kick as it were). That will be changing as will my boning up on my protections etc.

Most of my studies so far have been by instinct reading, my dragon and a few close circle mates, over the last three years. Any insights greatly apreciated.