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Shaman or Schizophrenic?

It’s 600 BC in a Native American village.  A child is born.  He grows into a young boy and is a bit different than the other children.  He sees things that aren’t there.  Spirits and animals are his friends more so than his own family.  He stays away from the village as much as possible and really never gets along with any of the other children.  His parents are worried, and they talk to the local medicine man.  The medicine man realizes that the boy is simply a natural medicine man.  The spirits have chosen him, and it is his destiny to become the next medicine man.  So he begins his training.

It’s 2010 in small town America.  A child is born.  He grows into a young boy and is a bit different than the other children.  He sees things that aren’t there.  His invisible friends are more his friends than his own family.  He plays in the woods as much as he can and rarely play with other children, regardless of how much his parents try to get him to.  His parents are worried.  There’s not much for them to do.  He grows into a teen and never really changes.  His parents finally take him to a psychiatrist and he is diagnosed with schizophrenia.  He is heavily medicated and lives the rest of his life in a haze.

It’s strange how similar these stories are, and how different they turn out.  The boy would have been considered a highly regarded and highly functional member of society 3000 years ago, but now he is forced to either live his life in a haze or to be completely non-functioning in society.  Yes, I could rant and rave about how wrong this is.  I could complain about the backward nature of a society that seeks to limit and expansion of the consciousness, but I will refrain and simply seek an answer as to how we can instead learn to help these children and adults.  So let’s take this scientifically so we don’t just sounds like a bunch of crazies who also need to be medicated.  I’m writing this as I would in a scientific journal, so I apologize for complicating things that are simple.


The purpose of the post is to explore the methods for dealing with any “delusions” that would be handled by a shaman or other historical spiritual advisor in both children and adults.  It is not the purpose of this essay to provide solutions, simply possibilities.


Let’s make a simple assumption.  Schizophrenia is caused by some sort of expansion of consciousness to include beings of other planes of existence.  This could be the expansion into either the realm of spirits as well as the astral (dream) world.  There may be other expansions possible, but these are the primary that come to mind.  Thus, the two expansions must be treated differently.  One (astral) should be dealt with as though everything is symbolic, much like a dream, while the other (spiritual) should be dealt with literally.  In this essay I will be dealing with the spiritual side rather than the astral.

It is also necessary to assume that all hallucinatory experiences fall into these categories as well due to their regular use in historical shamanic and magickal workings in order to induce communication with the other planes of existence.  These hallucinatory experiences include drug use, dehydration, exhaustion, starvation, torture, chemical deficiencies within the body, and other easily dealt with delusions.

It is also necessary to assume that if these experiences are caused by an expansion of consciousness, that they are as real as the realm of consciousness that we all live in.  Though it may seem difficult to do, we must not consider these to be delusions in the commonly used sense.  Drugs, sweat lodges, and ritual torturing have been used for millenia to interact with these other realms for real world changes and knowledge.  If they had not been worthwhile experiences or had given false information, they would have been abandoned far before Christianity came into existence.

Effects of the Shamanic Calling

It is important to put into perspective the effects that an untreated person who’s consciousness has naturally expanded will endure.  The experiences can range from simply hearing voices to seeing faeries to talking with spirits and demons.  Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes they are terrifying.  Whispers in the dark, your deepest fears appearing before you while you’re showering.  These are the making of the most fear-inducing horror movie, and there are children world-wide being plagued by them.  Yet, these are the same effects that people have striven to achieve with years and years of effort.  They are not able to be ignored, but medication may not be the best way of coping.

Necessities of Treatment

In order to find ways of coping and controlling this expansion, it is necessary to ascertain the needs which must be fulfilled with any kind of treatment or counseling.


The most important part of any kind of treatment is the explanation that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the person, that there are others out there like them.  It is important to also establish that there are hundreds and thousands of people who work their entire lives to earn the gifts that they were born with.  It is absolutely necessary for the child or adult to understand that there is help out there, and they do not have to simply ignore or try to hide from this gift because that is exactly what it is, a gift from the universe.  It isolates them, scares them, and makes their life more difficult, but that is because they do not have any control of it and have no understanding of it.

Family and Loved Ones

For the person who has these difficult experiences, isolation is most likely their most difficult obstacle to overcome.  Therefore, it is imperative that those who are still in their life need to be counseled as well.  They must learn to accept the experiences as a real experience and not the delusions of a madman.  They must be counseled as much as the patient does because it is not a simple thing to remove the society-imposed idea that only their reality exists and all others are delusions.

Coping Skills

In the immediate, it is necessary to find the coping mechanisms which the patient has created for themselves.  These can range in many directions, and most of them will be effective for as long as the patient has faith in them.  They are very likely similar to OCD behaviors due to the complete fear that befalls them when they do not keep the behaviors, and at some later date they may need to be dealt with separately.

It is also necessary to create coping skills if there are not any.  This may entail lying to the patient in order to create faith in the skills because trust is absolutely necessary for most simplistic skills to work.  This must be considered on a case by case basis due to the need for trust in such a difficult counseling/treatment situation.

Building Skills

Coping mechanisms are not enough to deal with this lifelong issue.  It is necessary to teach the patient how to control their experiences with these other realms of existence.  The best way of doing this is by looking through the more occult teaching from history.  Much will be useless due to the majority being about how to open these same realms of consciousness.  Techniques such as meditation, calming exercises, and basic understanding of the spirit world are important.

It is also necessary to teach the patient to learn from their experiences in these other worlds.  Historically, guides are available to all travelers in other realms and it is only the patient who can interact with and gain help from these guides.  They will be the primary teachers of the patient, and it is simply the counselor’s job to help the patient understand the teachings.  Especially for children, the teachings are not always simple, and it is the extremely difficult job of the counselor of holding all of the knowledge needed for these journeys and feeding it to the patient as needed.  The counselor must become the shaman of old who is training his apprentice, even though the counselor may not have any experience of these other worlds.

Necessities for Success

It’s important to understand that on a basic level, many of the issues associated with this theory are difficult to implement due to societal issues.  It is very possible for a parent to implement if they are understanding and are qualified enough (not with pieces of paper or resumes, simply in how much they understand these other worlds).  They control their environment and how much other people know about their therapy sessions.  On the other hand, society has a very strong distrust of anything outside of normal psychiatric treatment, which we’ve seen through many of the struggles of Scientology.  It would be even more difficult to promote this type of treatment due to the differences in mentality of the patients as well as age issues.

The other primary issue would be that for the immediate, the patients would need be held in the same place they are being treated so that they do not have to feel alone anymore.  The other issue is that all people working their would have to treat the patients as apprentice medicine men rather than as patients.  There couldn’t be any drugs used to tranquilize patients as they do in mental wards when there are schizophrenic episodes because the episodes are necessary for their understanding of this other realm of consciousness.

It would also be important for the area to be conducive to exploring the spiritual realms.  Areas of natural beauty where the patients could be alone would be helpful.  Because many of the journeys necessary to understanding and controlling their gifts require solidarity, there would have to be ways for the children to spend large amounts of time away from the protective eyes of the adults and caretakers.  This would mean that it would have to be protected from intruders and dangerous animals.

All of these issues would require large amounts of understanding and informed employees as well as a large amount of land and funding.  At the same time, there would be little to no government assistance because of the lack of sanctions from government agencies.  This is not even considering the issues with current laws and licensing.  All of these point to a very limited possibility for this type of institution to exist.  I have no idea how something of this type could come together, but regardless, I believe that there is a need for it.


The Four Pillars of Magick: Power, Technique, Belief, Other?

The logical question after yesterday’s blog would be the question, “What’s is the difference between a successful spell and an unsuccessful spell?”  To this, my best answer would be that one of the four elements is missing or wrong.


My best explanation for power would have to do with energy manipulation.  It is simply the strength of your focus combined with the intensity of your desire and the efficiency with which you manipulate energy. 

I believe that a large amount of power will almost always get something to happen.  Maybe instead of bringing you a big paycheck in the mail you’ll get a big bill in the mail, but something will have happened if you push that energy out into the world.  I also believe that this has to do with how quickly the form manifests from spell.

This seems to be the simplest and most common aspect of magick to train regularly.  Every book you’ll ever read about magick expounds on the necessity of learning to focus the mind through meditation and energy work.  I would probably say that this is one of our strongest skills as a magickal community.  Of course, there’s always more work to be done on it and more exercises to learn/create.  This very possibly is the difference between the people in the psychiatric hospitals and us (though I’ve never met many people who have serious mental illnesses so I’m actually quite ignorant on this topic).


Technique would be the part of magick that separates all of the branches of magick.  Sigil magick, high magick, making charms, energy healing, etc. are all forms of technique.

Technique would probably play the biggest part in focusing the power to do a certain thing.  Good technique probably will get you the results you want, but they may not be quite as extravagant as you wanted them to be.  Maybe you did a spell for rain.  You may not get that rain for 6 months or it might just be a bit of a drizzle or fog if there’s not enough power.

I really think that we have explored a large number of techniques, but this is a place to make improvements.  We have all witnessed getting what we wanted, but very few of us have gotten what we wanted in a manner that was exactly how we wanted.  You may have brought love into your life, but you didn’t say, “I want a friend to call me with a blind date scheduled with the perfect person for me” and get it.  This may fit into this category or not.  That’s absolutely up for discussion.


Belief is what we’ve been talking about in conjunction with what exactly magick can do.  Belief is probably best described by having the conscious desire coincide perfectly with the unconscious ideas about the world.

Belief, in my mind is simply a filter.  So, if you want to conjure up a fireball to shoot from your fingertips, and you absolutely don’t believe it, nothing will happen no matter how perfect everything else is.  Now, on the other hand, if you can believe that something may happen, maybe when you turn around the flower that happened to be hanging above your candle might have caught on fire.  And with 100% belief, you’d actually conjure a fireball (if you had enough focus or power and the technique was good enough to focus the energy towards that one goal).  This seems to be a huge flaw in our current community.  It seems only the delusional actually can believe that they could do anything of this nature…or even of being able to do a spell to bring a large sum of money into their lives somehow.  Belief, I believe (haha), will be one of the biggest obstacles in any furtherment of magick, and I really don’t know how to change what I believe.


Well, this would be a large number of other factors that not all belief systems agree on.  Maybe this could be spiritual help, destiny to do this one act, you’re an Aries and so you can throw fireballs easier than you can make it rain, etc.  This is probably not all that easily talked about because it’s such a large category for catch all stuff.

What Exactly Can Magick Do?

In the last couple posts, it seemed that there seems to be a bit of disagreement about the very basics of magick.

I’m not sure that this is an accurate statement. One of the problems with many of these accounts of magical powers from a long time ago is that over time the stories tend to be exaggerated. The difficulty is figuring out how much.

Well, why exactly is it that we’re sure that these stories were exaggerated?  I know that this is the general concensus in most magickal circles, but how do you know?  I may be missing some vital piece of information where a soldier in Caesar’s army witnessed a “shapeshifting” and described it as simply being a shift from man to beast in actions and mindset, and if this is true then I will be extremely glad to hear of it because it makes my possible goals far simpler.

On the other hand, I really don’t think that there is an actual eyewitness statement of an ancient shapeshifter.  There are also the seemingly eyewitness statements of the most commonly known magickal stories:  turning water into wine, walking on water, healing blindness, etc.  I know that many of us have turned our backs on Christianity, but it is still a book of stories from a time where magick was far more common.

So what possible goals could we reach through magick?  Could we really have the Harry Potter style magick?  Or is it that something of this nature is completely out of reach for us?  And why is it out of reach for us?  We have all heard stories of levitation, of curing diseases instantaneously, shapeshifting, of calling forth the elements to destroy villages, of parting the waters to cross a sea.  These are common stories in myths, and all seem to be quite extraordinary, but at the same time, we say that by visualizing and manipulating energy we can heal the sick (slowly and only in ways that we don’t understand scientifically), cause people to fall ill (by a disease that we cannot actually see or witness the effects of until it has taken hold), can call spirits to us (though not so much ones that we can see, more that we “know” are there), and create spells that will bring love and money to us (though not in any way that we can describe).  How exactly are these different?  The difference is not in how extraordinary they are, it’s in how easily we can accept them.  So how much can we actually affect the physical world through the use of magick?

Remember this:  Science doesn’t understand the physical world any better than it did 2000 years ago.  We don’t know why anything happens.  Gravity is unexplained, the way that an atom is held together is unexplained, the fact that the world is actually matter-less and yet we are solid is unexplained.  We absolutely can predict what will happen if we do something.  We understand what happens when you drop an apple from a tree, but who knows why?  No one does.  So why can’t it be that we all expect it to happen, so it does? 

The world gives you exactly what you want, every time.  The only problem is that it’s what all of you wants, not just the conscious part of you.  I want to travel through time, but my subconscious expects me not to so I don’t.  I want to throw fireballs but my subconscious says that I’m being silly, so I don’t.  I want to find a girl that is perfectly suited for me and my subconscious says that that’s perfectly reasonable and that I can affect that change in the world, so I will find that girl.  How are these any different?  I’m able to “cast my spells” effectively only when I truly believe in them.  Maybe what we should be working towards is being able to believe…

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