The logical question after yesterday’s blog would be the question, “What’s is the difference between a successful spell and an unsuccessful spell?”  To this, my best answer would be that one of the four elements is missing or wrong.


My best explanation for power would have to do with energy manipulation.  It is simply the strength of your focus combined with the intensity of your desire and the efficiency with which you manipulate energy. 

I believe that a large amount of power will almost always get something to happen.  Maybe instead of bringing you a big paycheck in the mail you’ll get a big bill in the mail, but something will have happened if you push that energy out into the world.  I also believe that this has to do with how quickly the form manifests from spell.

This seems to be the simplest and most common aspect of magick to train regularly.  Every book you’ll ever read about magick expounds on the necessity of learning to focus the mind through meditation and energy work.  I would probably say that this is one of our strongest skills as a magickal community.  Of course, there’s always more work to be done on it and more exercises to learn/create.  This very possibly is the difference between the people in the psychiatric hospitals and us (though I’ve never met many people who have serious mental illnesses so I’m actually quite ignorant on this topic).


Technique would be the part of magick that separates all of the branches of magick.  Sigil magick, high magick, making charms, energy healing, etc. are all forms of technique.

Technique would probably play the biggest part in focusing the power to do a certain thing.  Good technique probably will get you the results you want, but they may not be quite as extravagant as you wanted them to be.  Maybe you did a spell for rain.  You may not get that rain for 6 months or it might just be a bit of a drizzle or fog if there’s not enough power.

I really think that we have explored a large number of techniques, but this is a place to make improvements.  We have all witnessed getting what we wanted, but very few of us have gotten what we wanted in a manner that was exactly how we wanted.  You may have brought love into your life, but you didn’t say, “I want a friend to call me with a blind date scheduled with the perfect person for me” and get it.  This may fit into this category or not.  That’s absolutely up for discussion.


Belief is what we’ve been talking about in conjunction with what exactly magick can do.  Belief is probably best described by having the conscious desire coincide perfectly with the unconscious ideas about the world.

Belief, in my mind is simply a filter.  So, if you want to conjure up a fireball to shoot from your fingertips, and you absolutely don’t believe it, nothing will happen no matter how perfect everything else is.  Now, on the other hand, if you can believe that something may happen, maybe when you turn around the flower that happened to be hanging above your candle might have caught on fire.  And with 100% belief, you’d actually conjure a fireball (if you had enough focus or power and the technique was good enough to focus the energy towards that one goal).  This seems to be a huge flaw in our current community.  It seems only the delusional actually can believe that they could do anything of this nature…or even of being able to do a spell to bring a large sum of money into their lives somehow.  Belief, I believe (haha), will be one of the biggest obstacles in any furtherment of magick, and I really don’t know how to change what I believe.


Well, this would be a large number of other factors that not all belief systems agree on.  Maybe this could be spiritual help, destiny to do this one act, you’re an Aries and so you can throw fireballs easier than you can make it rain, etc.  This is probably not all that easily talked about because it’s such a large category for catch all stuff.