Everyone has a true path that leads to bliss and pure uncorrupted happiness.  This path may lead through troubling times and most certainly will lead through sad events.  This is the way of life no matter what happens, but the man that walks along his true path can navigate through these times without losing hope, without ever losing the smile on his face.  The thing about it is that there are always challenges that must be faced in order to stay on that path.  Here is the first one:

The Fearful Priestess:
There once was an 18 year old girl that had grown up in your everyday average American middle class to lower middle class family.  She had one brother and her parents were still married.  She dated many different boys who were less than perfect boyfriends, but she stayed with them.  It wasn’t because she loved them because she saved that for the one that she knew she was going to marry.  It was simply because she needed someone to care about her.  The strange thing was that instead of trying to find an amazing boyfriend, she instead found the first person who would care for her and was attractive and would stay with him until some event caused her to leave them.

One day she met a boy who was different from the other boys she had dated.  This boy was something completely unfathomable for her.  The first night they were together, she dreamed of him.  She had never dreamt of a boy before.  The third night that they drank together, something unheard of happened.  He told her that she was important.  He told her that if she listened and watched that she would do something amazing and that she would change the world.  She looked at him as though he was crazy.  No one had ever told her anything like this, but she knew deep down that there was truth to the words he had said.  She didn’t know how he could know this about her and had no idea as to how she would ever be important, but it was true.  She had found her path, and she had found the boy that would walk with her on it.  They spent many hours sitting and talking and laughing and enjoying the world to the utmost.  She never cried for three months, and was constantly happy.  She had adventures and was learning about herself.  She started understanding what the world was trying to tell her through signs in the way the wind blew and that slight scent on the air.

Then something changed.  She saw the boy that she’d lost her virginity to, and they talked and had fun.  They had broken up several years before and he had been heartbroken because of the way she treated him.  He knew that he still loved her and that she still loved him, but she couldn’t give him the things he needed and he couldn’t give her the things she needed.  But this love of theirs, this first love, brought them back together.  This is where she strayed from her path.  She didn’t love the boy that walked on her path with her the same way.  She had envisioned her life as a small girl doing the things that her first love could give her, and that’s the way she believed her life would end up.  She couldn’t imagine anything more after she saw him again, and thought that she could be happy with him.

The boy waited for her to rejoin him on her path for almost a year.  He waited not because he loved her like a husband or boyfriend, but because he loved her for walking her path while he walked his.  He loved her because he knew that they had both been completely happy for the past three months while they had walked their paths together and learned from each other.  He saw her cry almost every night for this year and was sad for her.  He tried to make her happier, but knew that there was little he could do because it was a love that was not meant to be.  So he waited and tried to convince her to go back to her path, not for him, but for herself.  The boy didn’t want to leave her behind because he had enjoyed their jouneys together, but finally he could wait no longer.  He told her this, “I don’t ask you to leave him for me, I simply ask that you leave him for yourself.  You know as well as I do that you’ll never do the things you want while you’re with him.”  She replied, “You offer me nothing but hopes and dreams.  You don’t promise love, you don’t promise support.  You only promise trials and work.  You don’t even promise me anything at the end, and you ask me to sacrifice the boy I want to marry?  How can you ask me to do this.  All you have to do is to say that you want me to leave him for you and I’ll do it.”  The boy knew that their paths would not stay together forever and that they would have to part and he knew that he would not be able to give her what she wanted.  So the boy reluctantly went back to his path and continued walking knowing fully that he would rather walk alone than to not walk at all because while he was on his path every desire and need would be fulfilled by the world without question.  Sometimes it is not in the easiest or most convenient manner, but while he was on his path life would give him happiness.  She, on the other hand, has waited for someone to come along and make her happy instead of finding happiness on her own.